Well I guess I never planned it
Really never could stand it
But you’re looking quite nice
Wrapped up in that moonlight
So I’ll say that we disappeared
Yeah, somewhere near
And become whoever the hell we want to
No I’ll never judge you, fuck that

I’m done giving you anything. You want me back ever then make an effort. Make me feel wanted. Cause you never have before.

One mistake
I would never change
I want it all now, want it my way
‘Cause she knows how I work
How I run, my insides
‘Cause I will second guess
Everything about me
You’re the only one that could see
How fucking crazy
I was starting to be
Yeah so pull me right back down, lady

On my way home
Still wishing I was
Inside your bedroom
Just talking shit for the hell of it
Yeah all the best nights
So hurry up, hurry up
Goddamn this just feels right
Yeah it kind of feels like

You always fucking said we would make us work no matter fucking what. I hate that this happened and I wish I could just fucking die.

I don’t understand how you ask me for time to think and I give you said time but when I come back and tell you I’m willing to change. But all of a sudden it’s too late?

It’s so sad to see a love that was so amazing once go away so simply. I wish I could turn everything around. I wish there was some way to show you that I’m willing to do anything just too call you baby.

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